Make My Day 2017 Survey
We would love it if you could spare a few minutes to tell us about your Make My Day experience.

Your responses will help us to make any future events even better!
How did you find out about Make My Day? *

Please tell us the name of the town/city where you live.

Did you come into Morecambe just for Make My Day or were you here for any other reason?

e.g.'we came for Make My Day',  'in Morecambe to visit family' or 'on holiday nearby' etc.
How many people were in your party?

What age was the youngest member of your party?

What age was the eldest member of your party?

How long were you at Make My Day for?

Overall, how satisfied were you with Make My Day? *

How would you rate...

... the workshops? *

Our workshops included mini boat making, mask making, collage making.

... the activities? *

e.g. wood sculpting, spray paint placard printing, sand play area, giant paint by numbers, human photo booth etc

... the attractions? *

Our attractions included Tutti Flutti chinese orchestra, the Oompah band, clog dancers, Rusty Roxy pop-up cinema, dancing jellyfish, Punch & Judy and the Exchange Creative gift shop.

... the West End Gardens venue? *

(our outdoor venue area)

... the Carleton venue? *

(our indoors venue area)
N.B. Bear in mind that The Carleton was our wet weather plan back up venue, as all events were originally planned to have been outdoors.

... our team of artists, facilitators and volunteers? *

... the event’s organisation? *

What did you like most about Make My Day?

What did you like least about Make My Day?

Would you say Make My Day was better, worse, or about what you expected?

How do you think Make My Day could have been improved?

How likely is it that you would recommend Make My Day to a friend or colleague? *

Why did you give it a {{answer_AFAk6xVw0jYD}}?

Your comments will be incredibly valuable to us.
How likely would you be to attend a similar event next year? *

Where 1 is not at all likely, 2 is quite unlikely, 3 is undecided, 4 is quite likely and 5 is extremely likely.
Do you have a little story of your experience to share about Make My Day?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, and helping us to improve our events.

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